September 2015 Break

Pretty solid break for September.  A couple hot boxes increased the hit total this month which is always nice.  The big hit of the month was a Kelvin Benjamin Auto, too bad he is out for the year.  Click here to go to the September 2015 thread.

August 2015 Break

After a few really nice breaks in a row, the August break was kind of disappointing.  No huge hits but a few solid hits.  Hits were spread out pretty evenly.  Click here to go to the August 2015 thread.

July 2015 Break

HUUUUUGE break this month.  A ton of nice hits and spread out pretty evenly.  Here is a quick look at the rundown this month: 2 Mariota Autos, Jim Kelly Auto, Andre Reed Auto, Jimmy G Auto /5, and so much more awesomeness.  Click here to go to the July 2015 thread.