April 2015 Break

The April break is complete.  We hit a nice Colin Kaepernick Auto out of 25 - too bad he sucked last year.  Next month we send off 2012, hopefully with a bang, and June we begin 2015.  Click here to go to the April 2015 thread.

March 2015 Break

The March break is complete.  The hit of the month was an Andrew Luck/Robert Griffin III/Brock Osweiler/Ryan Tannehill Quad GU #'d /25 out of 2012 Topps Prime.  Doesn't seem like a huge hit but being low numbered it should sell pretty well.  Click here to go to the March 2015 thread.

February 2015 Break

The February break is complete.  Didn't have the "big" hit but a lot of nice solid hits.  A good way to kick off 2015.  Click here to go to the February 2015 thread.