August 2015 Break

After a few really nice breaks in a row, the August break was kind of disappointing.  No huge hits but a few solid hits.  Hits were spread out pretty evenly.  Click here to go to the August 2015 thread.

July 2015 Break

HUUUUUGE break this month.  A ton of nice hits and spread out pretty evenly.  Here is a quick look at the rundown this month: 2 Mariota Autos, Jim Kelly Auto, Andre Reed Auto, Jimmy G Auto /5, and so much more awesomeness.  Click here to go to the July 2015 thread.

June 2015 Break

The June break welcomed in the new draft class.  None of the huge names from the new draft class showed up but we still had a very nice break.  We also won the Community Chest promo on Blowoutcards where we won a bonus box of 2014 Bowman Sterling Baseball.  Click here to go to the June 2015 thread.