October 2014 Break

The October break is completed.  We had an amazing break this month topped off by a Ronnie Lott Gold Framed Auto from 2013 Topps Museum Collection.  Click here to go to the October 2014 thread.

September 2014 Break

The September break is completed.  Was a pretty good break with a lot of solid hits including a Marquise Goodwin Letterman Auto, DeAndre Hopkins Auto Patch, Ronnie Lott Auto, and Gio Bernard Patch /5.  Click here to go to the September 2014 thread.

August 2014 Break

The August break is now completed.  The hit of the break was a Mike Glennon Autograph Patch out of 2012 Topps Platinum.  Nothing else too exciting other than that.  Click here to go to the August 2014 thread.