June 2016 Break

Our first break with 2016 products.  Corey Coleman was the only big name from the new draft class to show up.  Bo Knows Football and decided to show up in the box of 2014 Topps Five Star.  Click here to go to the June 2016 thread.

May 2016 Break

Our last break with 2013 products had a whopping 13 boxes busted this month.  The hit of the break was a Jim McMahon Auto GU from 2013 Panini Limited.  Click here to go to the May 2016 thread.

April 2016 Break

Hard to follow the break from last month but there were a few gems waiting in the boxes this month.  A nice Eddie Lacy Autograph out of ten from 2015 Topps Diamond was the highlight.  Next month's break we will say farewell to 2013.  Click here to go to the April 2016 thread.