June 2014 Break

It's soooo hard to say goodbye to 2011.  Our yearly "big break" to usher out an old year from the Monthly break to make room for the new draft class saw an amazing 6 auto out of 2011 Topps Precision.  Goodbye Cam, AJ, Dalton, & Julio; Hello Johnny, Teddy, Clowney, & Bortles.  Click here to go to the June 2014 thread.

May 2014 Break

The May break is complete and didn't have anything earth shattering.  There were some nice hits though.  Congrats to everyone who got a hit.  Click here to go to the May 2014 thread.

April 2014 Break

Huge break with a ton of nice hits.  Congrats to MarshallCutler6 who hit a nice Joe Namath Auto and to jarrodsalas who hit a nice Matt Forte/Alshon Jeffery Dual Auto.  Click here to go to the April 2014 thread.